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Environmental Responsibility

CNB is using the power of our network to accelerate transformation in sustainability and economic recovery, while helping ensure that the planet thrives.

Greener Offices

The responsible use of natural resources in the operation of all divisions of CNB is a foundational part of our efforts to protect the planet. In our branches and offices, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact by focusing on green building design and operation, obtaining Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) or equivalent certifications for our buildings and increasing resource use efficiency.

Here’s how we’re doing this:

Coffee Beans

Switched from K-Cups to Brewed Coffee
LED Lights

All offices use LED lighting
Recycled Products

Moved to recycled paper products in 2023
Solar Grid

Part of a solar sharing grid.
*Live in Buffalo, NY | seeking solutions in other communities
LEED Certified Offices

LEED Certified Branches in NY & VA
Buffalo, NY and Roanoke, VA
Charing Stations

Testing Electric Corporate Cars
*planned installation of EV Charging Stations at headquarters offices

Meet our SMART Centers

As we focus on changing client needs and trends, we adapt our branch experience with the environment in mind. reduce our paper usage and carbon footprint and provide an enhanced focus on client conversations using state-of-the-art technologies such as digital  brochures, electronic signature, and enhanced teller machines. Here, deposit slips and payment coupons are no longer necessary.

Woodmere SMART Wall

Sustainability at CNB

As a a leader in providing integrated financial solutions which create value for both consumers and businesses, we continue to expand our initiatives toward being a climate positive company by embedding sustainability across our company and implementing initiatives to understand, inspire, engage and empower others toward sustainable living and commerce.

Digital Business Card on Phone

Digital Business Cards

With 5 million trees harvested annually to produce paper business cards and 45–50 billion of them ending up in landfills each year*, CNB is doing it's part. In 2023, we deployed the use digital business cards company-wide allowing us to share all the same contact information, but to do it in a more environmentally-friendly way. By lessening our reliance on paper business cards, we are directly contributing to saving trees and water and reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Upcycled plastic debit cards

We are committed to help bring alternative card materials forward to reduce the environmental footprint associated with first-use polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic – the traditional material in payment cards. Currently, all divisions of CNB offer upcycled plastic Instant Issue Debit Cards - aimed at reducing first-use plastic and diverting plastic waste that might otherwise enter a landfill.

Upcycled Plastics

Green Customer Efforts

We believe that we can play an important role in helping consumers understand and act on their individual environmental impact. With that in mind, CNB offers solutions like our eBanking where customers can choose to receive their statements electronically and enroll in free unlimited ePay, an online service in which you can pay your bills electronically. Our goMobile app makes it possible for you to securely access your financial accounts on the go from your mobile device... all while reducing paper usage and reducing carbon footprints.

e-Statement Percentage

As of June 30, 2023, 45.3% of our customers receive their statement electronically
Docusign Stats

By utilizing DocuSign for electronic signatures, CNB has saved 226 trees (or the equivalent of 1,409,460 pages of paper)
Shred Stats

By hosting shred events for our customers, CNB has saved 110 cubic yards of landfill space

Employee commuting

CNB is committed to helping our employees commute to our offices in more sustainable ways. Like many companies, CNB is allowing people to work from home or adopt a hybrid work model. This strategy reduces emissions per employee. The impact of hybrid and remote workers has become a key part of measuring a company’s emissions.

Remote Workers

7.75% of our over 800 employees work remotely full-time, while others have adopted a hybrid work model, combining remote and in-office work
Commuter Program

Commuter, Transit and Parking Benefits are offered to all employees through HealthEquity® to save on public transportation, parking, or park and ride expenses
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